You can't get it wrong and you'll never get it done

So being, you never get it wrong since you'll never be finished... how wonderful is it to know that! I felt a huge relief when I realized that I'll never get it done NOR will I ever get it wrong since I'm never DONE anyhow. 🙂

What I coach to people (the HOW of it) is about being detached enough from the "problem" that you are trying to solve or overcome. Everytime life gives you a reason to feel "I don't want this" or "I wish this wasn't so" you know exactly what you do not want and so being you also know exactly what you DO WANT (the solution).

As a coach, I can step back from the problem and not be engulfed in it. This is what I teach. That is how you will learn to "see glimpses" of the tangible solutions that you already have in your hands. You will learn to solve every problem you are focused upon and notice that you will stop finding and focusing on problems as much as you used to. Your life will become MUCH richer with JOY and good feelings. You will soon reach a new kind of freedom from unnecessary bondage, freedom from "what other people might think of you", freedom from "resisting happiness".

My main goal in coaching is to teach you the simple principles of HOW to be a "receiving station" to all the solutions you ever dreamed of. Basically, I will teach you to find the answers you seek within yourself. I will show you how everything is about walking on the EMOTIONAL path. This will not be hard for you since you are already an emotional being with a physical body, and as always, already on the path.

Everything I teach is about helping you reach high-quality emotional control over your life and I KNOW you can DO IT!

Find Your Goal

Want to be the Greater version of you? She is a Leader is all about making You feel better in your skin. You can choose from a variety of programs or DIY systems that are built to add value to Your life.

You can try your new life out as a weekend project or as a year long lifestyle change 🙂

You do not have to be physically in Finland. Most of the programs can be done online and at home. But clearly if you live near our studio we are more than interested in meeting you in person and adding to your abilities to grow stronger 🙂

Physical and Mental Growth

Your body is the most visible part of you and it often shows up and meets people before your mind does... First impressions can happen over and over again at the old-folks-home but in your life, you want to be able to handle anything and everything the world throws at you with a little smile on your face.

A good sense of humor and a pair of fresh underwear will get you well on your way but a strong body and a beautiful mind will open the doors that you were born to walk through 🙂

If you are interested in getting your groove on and hitting the floor with everything pumped and ready to rock She is a Leader can guide you on your path of a stronger, wittier you.

Yes. It's already within you. Let's remove the wrappers, shall we 😉

Contact us and together we'll start adding massive value and beauty to your life and body!


Miia Hämäläinen

Mind and Body Coach


The founder and owner of She is a Leader. Ex-military, adventuress, book lover, heavy lifter, listener, entrepreneur, competitor, writer, coach, outdoors person, mother, dreamer, romantic… a person who will never settle. Miia is on a mission to combine the impact of the Transformation Industry and the Network Marketing Industry, to unite the two most powerful industries and influencers on the planet for the greater Good.

She has been through the grinder in more ways than 300... don't expect her to feel sorry for you, she won't. She will only feel happy for you and your exciting life that you are living 🙂 Believe it, we are all blessed with a mind. Let's use it to the maximum and start our days with a huge appreciation for life! That is also how Miia drifts off to sleep at night: One of the easiest ways to gain access to the true riches life has to offer is to appreciate them NOW.

Small things made her Life Shift a reality and it's small things that complete the puzzle that she calls her "near perfect" reality: It will never be finished nor will she ever settle for anything. The journey is the goal and this step is the most important step until we take another, and another, and another... 😉

DIY, freedom at home

We don't all have time to spend at lectures, gym or the forest... sometimes our life line just cannot support more than the home life, laundry and kids. This is why She is a leader offers most of her content for free. Check out the blog and free stuff in the Open Sauna as we are filling the pages monthly with more fun information and free ebooks to add value to your life at home!

You can email us at any time to get an inside scoop on things. The information on our pages is meant to add value to your life. If at any time you feel like you need more, please just ask! We are here to help you live a better life 🙂

Feel good about Being You and feel Strong every day of Your life 🙂

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