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Whaaaat's it about?

Miia's Vision is for every person to get excited about the Basics of Life. The Premises of our Life are what we build on and it's the Honest Decisions that we make that bring us success and happiness.
Strength is in US. Stay strong and stay active.

As a designer I have a unique&personal but adaptable style, I deal well with an aggressive workload involving multiple brands&people. I have strong organizational skills (I can come off quite radical at times when s#it needs to get done FAST) and a strong understanding of the Adobe suite, social media and how it is best utilized.

She is a Leader is the home base of several businesses:
Honest Decisions - Designing Life,
Fear no Pain - gym gear and apparel,
the Winter War Gym - private gym in South Finland (open from April to September),
the Basic Racing team - cars and bikes,
the Basic Training team - "lifting weights and putting them down".

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