Get in on Life... in 2018

Hey reader,

Believe it or not, you last years resolutions have (mostly) come and gone. Did you get everything you hoped for or did you crash and furn while coming up with excuses to WHY it was not for you or HOW it wasn't the right time after all...

Are you planning your goals for the year to come?

Have you noticed that fewer and fewer people (in your company) are actually achieving the goals they set out to accomplish.

This leads me to a simple question:


  • Why are some of us not achieving our goals?
  • Should we plan better?
  • Should we prepare more?
  • Is it just ZERO accountability?
  • Is it distraction and a serious case of "life gets in the way?"
  • Or is it simply not having a clear and focused Vision?

If you're serious about making 2018 your best year ever, then you really need to check out my 2018 Basic Training Group:

BTG 2018

Once I was at a point in my life that I needed a change -a BIG one- and I needed like YESTERDAY. I took some time to myself and really started using all the little ideas and moments that I was already experiencing in my day to day life. I took life by the hand and let her lead me through the bushes to the light.

Just before this "letting go" happened, I was standing in the bathroom in my undies, tired from the week and all the contrast and conflicts, brushing my teeth and I accidentally dropped my tooth brush in the toilet bowl. I screamed as loud as I could, a question to the Universe: "Life doesn't have to suck so bad, does it?"

The answer was: "You get what you think about most of the time..."

I hated the world right there and then... BUT I also turned to the answer and said: "Thank you" 🙂

I'm a big believer that if you want to achieve more in life, you need to be surrounded by other motivated individuals. People you can trust when the ride gets rough - and it will.

People who have gone through the grinder and survived. People who know what it REALLY took to get the work done, and dominate your life.

I created this group to surround you with people from across the globe in an effort to help YOU and them have their best year of Basic Life, 4EVER.

Now honestly, ask yourself: could you life the fitness lifestyle 24/7, or should you even? Is physical fitness so important to you that you would risk your guts and mind control over body image?

Beyond accountability and support, I Know that training is just a small part of the equation.

Sure, training is wonderful and it SHOWS you how you're doing when you get better and better every day and week - but if you're not staying healthy, recovering and enjoying your time training, then you'll never see the results of a Perfect Life.

Here's why this program is Super Unique - it has everything in it to control the Basics of your life

  • training, nutrition, recovery and mind control (full programs for every lifestyle and body).

When you combine all of your life's areas, and layer and build upon each of them on a monthly basis, you have the framework for a truly trans-formative year.

So if you're serious about taking your health, performance and physique to the next level, please take a few minutes to learn how my training group can help you get there.

BTG 2018




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